Welcome to our Donations Page

Quakers Online is easily maintained and funded. However, we are working on some new projects that will require additional funds. We are not a registered charity and cannot issue receipts, but if you would like to donate that would be great.

Our preset vision is for a multilingual online community for Conservative Quakers. We have already started building the first two web portals for this project with ‘Conservative Quakers of Canada’ (www.quakers.ca) and ‘Christian Quakers of Greece’ (quaker.gr). We hope to expand to 12 sites in the next couple of years with websites in Russia, Romania, Austria, South Africa, India, and United States of America as well as many others.
This project will cost us about $10,000 CDN and will take 2 years or more to develop. Your financial assistance would much appreciated.

We are also looking at several other inclusive Quaker websites, as well as a few secular sites as well. Our first commitment, however, is to the afore-mentioned Conservative Quaker website.

If you would like to get involved, but cannot contribute financially, we are also in need of translators and trustworthy people to administer the websites. Writers are also needed.

Thank you for your help,
Jim Heil.